Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Developing Young Minds


I want to remind our supporters who we're fighting for. My children are all under the age of 9yrs old. Our priorities as a family is to shape the minds of youth, respecst our parents, and give back to our communities. I'm working with Curtis Elementary School as the Head Start Area Delegate representing children and families to ensure their needs are met. The S.O.N Foundation also work with Curtis School as a Motivational Speaker on topic's such as Bulling, violence, sports, college, etc. Working with one of the cities greatest Youth Organization "Kids Off The Block" we're working to bring more community and parent involvement to Curtis School. Together we'll soon be hosting a city wide recruitment for volunteer mentors, Business Owners, Religious Leaders, and community people looking to be a part of change. I personally have a passion for Roseland and Curtis School that makes me plead for our community to come together. Looking in the eye's of young people saddens my heart, because they only need someone to show they care. I care and if you have a heart we would like you to stand and fight with us. Fight 4 Kids!!!


Robert M. Douglas

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...


I encourage you to use the maps that are on the to build support for tutoring/mentoring programs in your part of Chicago. In the "politics" section you can find maps of two Illinois State Senate districts that cover parts of Roseland. In these maps we provide information showing churches, hospitals and universities who could be helping you and other programs, with volunteers, evaluators, fund raisers, alumni support, etc., if the leaders in the area were encouraging that to happen. You can use these maps to help the leaders take this role.